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1000 peer reviewed studies die de veiligheid van de Covid-19 vaccins in twijfel trekken

Peer-reviewed medische documenten die zijn ingediend bij verschillende medische tijdschriften.


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  1. zaplog@zaplog
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  2. g-b-wolf@g-b-wolf

    An independent lab report has revealed the Moderna, Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccination contents.
    Laboratory Report Summary:
    RAMAN Spectroscopy discovered the following particles –
    •SP3 Carbon
    •Iron Oxide
    •Carbon derivatives

    En dit schijnen de gevolgen te kunnen zijn:
    Toxicology Report Summary:
    A summary of the findings detailed in the attached toxicology report is as follows:
    •⁠Graphene nanomaterials (GFNs) can penetrate the body’s natural barriers and damage the central nervous system.
    •⁠Graphene oxide (GO):
    ⁠•⁠Can damage internal organs
    ⁠•⁠Damages the reproduction and development system
    ⁠•⁠Destroys blood health
    ⁠•⁠Damages and destroys cells
    ⁠•⁠Can trigger cancer and accelerate ageing
    ⁠•⁠Damages mitochondria and DNA
    ⁠•⁠Triggers an inflammatory response and three kinds of cell death
    ⁠•⁠Causes changes in gene function
    The link to the pdf report

  3. g-b-wolf@g-b-wolf

    Ook dr. Vernon Coleman meent, dat de vaccinaties gentherapie hartaanvallen veroorzaakt.
    Filmpje is al "over a million views on Brand New Tube alone" bekeken.